Tax Calendar


Jan. 17 4th Quarter 2016 estimated payments due
Jan. 31 W-2's & 1099 forms due to taxpayers and to IRS
Mar. 15 Partnership and C & S Corporation tax returns due
Mar. 15 K-1 from partnerships and S-corporations due to partners and shareholders
Mar. 15 S-corporation election (Form 2553) due for 2017
Apr. 1 Arizona Business Property Statement due
Apr. 15 Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Report (FBAR) due
Apr. 18 Individual, trust tax returns due
Apr. 18 1st Quarter estimated payments due
Apr. 30 Arizona Limited Liability Partnership annual reports due
Jun. 15 2nd Quarter estimated payments due
Jun. 15 Foreign residents' tax returns due
Sept. 15 3rd Quarter estimated payments due
Sept. 15 Extended corporate, partnership, trust returns due
Oct. 16 Extended individual returns due

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