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Enrolled Agents are America's tax experts, the only nationally licensed tax professionals.

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The Arizona Society of Enrolled Agents (AzSEA) is the professional organization of Enrolled Agents in Arizona, and the Arizona affiliate of the National Association of Enrolled Agents. Enrolled Agents are the only nationally licensed tax professionals, fully authorized to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service in all states.

Enrolled Agents provide much more than just tax preparation. They are on your side for audits and tax problems. Many provide tax planning, well before the tax return is to be filed. Some provide guidance for new business start-ups and business consulting. Some Enrolled Agents offer bookkeeping, accounting, payroll services, estate planning, financial planning, or investment services.

Foremost, Enrolled agents are tax specialists. Whether for individual or business income taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, personal property taxes or estate taxes, look to an Enrolled Agent for a tax expert.

Tax news for Arizona EA's

IRS extends filing to may 17

IRS announced that it has moved back the 2021 filing deadline for individual returns to May 17. This extension applies only to individual returns; business and other returns continue to be due at their regular dates.

Arizona has not yet announced conformity to the May 17 deadline, although 35 of the 44 states with income tax have already done so. While it is anticipated that Arizona will follow the federal deadline, stay tuned for news ... and be prepared to file state extensions for last-minute filers if the state doesn't act. Visit this webpage to see which states have conformed to the May 17 deadline.

IRS warned that refunds may be delayed somewhat due to issuing the third stimulus payments and changes in March's American Recovery Plan Act. The most notable provision affecting 2020 tax returns is the exemption of the first $10,200 of unemployment compensation received in 2020. IRS advises early filers who included unemployment not to file amendments at this time, as they are determining if they can make automatic adjustments for previously filed returns.

Minnesota makes representation costly

Minnesota enacted a law that requires Enrolled Agents who negotiate tax debt resolutions to pay costly and burdensome state registration fees and to disclose detailed taxpayer information to the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

Under the new law, representing clients in collection matters with IRS or the state is considered as providing debt settlement services. This treats Enrolled Agents the same as companies that negotiate credit card settlements for customers. if Minnesota is successful with this law, other states are expected to adopt the approach.

NAEA is supporting the MSEA challenging the law. AzSEA will match Arizona members' donations to NAEA's practice protection campaign. Learn more about what you can do to support this campaign!

SouthWest Fest 2021 is coming

SouthWest Fest 2021, AzSEA's premier education event, will be held June 12-14. It is planned as a hybrid event, offering both in-person and virtual options.

Check out the line-up of great presentations and speakers on the SouthWest Fest page. Registration is open now.

website for taxpayers

AzSEA's website for taxpayers, TheAzTaxPros.com is designed to be a source of information for taxpayers and promote the EA brand. This site, AzTaxPros.org, focuses on AzSEA members and is geared toward tax professionals. Check out TheAzTaxPros.com and invite your clients to visit it.

Tax Forum presentations online

Couln't make one of the IRS Tax forums this year? The 2020 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums presentations are now online. Plus, you can earn continuing education credits for the online programs. For details, see the IRS news release.

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