Static Cling Decals

Available in two sizes, these decals are perfect in either your car or office window. They adhere without glue so they can be easily removed and repositioned. They go on the inside of the window, away from the weather, so they will last and last.

Embroidered EA shirts

Add professionalism to your office appearance by wearing an Enrolled Agent business shirt or polo. These are embroidered, not silkscreened. AzSEA has already paid for the embroidery setup charge, so order savings pass along to you. These custom shirts are shipped direct to you from the manufacturer. Proceeds support AzSEA.


Visit the EA Apparel Store


QuickFinder, The Tax Book, and CCH publications

Take your choice: The top reference guides are available at discounted prices through AzSEA this year

Find answers fast during tax season with these libraries of tax facts.

For more information about all of the handbooks, visit the publishers' websites:

If you have already ordered, call the publisher and give them the state code for the best price.

Both publishers will honor the state discounts and donate to the Arizona Society of Enrolled Agents if you tell them the state's code:

  • The Tax Book: 213 ... tel: 866-919-5277

  • Quickfinder: Q508 ... tel: 800-510-8997

  • CCH: USTP-BXYY10477 ... tel: 877-571-2841

For more information, contact:

Mel Brodie, EA
[email protected]