2021 CheckPoint Learning Tax Network

AZSEA wants to provide a benefit to you with timely news and in-depth analysis on current issues in practice while offering the opportunity to earn CPE credits — it’s a win/win with CPE Network video CPE courses. .  If you are also a CPA and need accounting credits we have an additional benefit of the CPE Network Accounting and Auditing Report that provides 33 credits with the leading experts.

Set a standard of excellence for your training by conducting expert-led, in-house seminars for group live credit — and satisfy up to 100% of your  CPE requirements. Simply schedule “lunch and learn” group study sessions, if you want to do with other EA’s. Our CPE video courses use a news-style format where industry experts ask and answer questions on current changes in the profession. View each topic, then engage in discussion on their impact to your firm and clients. You have the freedom to pause the CPE video presentation to discuss as much as you want, for as long as you want.

CPE Tax Network delivers all of this via subscription package that includes a PDF of the transcript, supplemental commentary, case studies, and questions for the group to discuss. Purchased on your own this would cost $1,026, just for the Tax Network, but as a state member who subscribes you get it for $99.00

Annual fee is $99.00.00 must be paid by applicant at time of submission.  (Due by October 1 each year)

Please make out your payment to: Arizona Society of Enrolled Agents.

Bisk Education login will be sent to you as soon as we have your application.  The Bisk Education package will allow you to obtain approximately 33 CPE hours per year for an average cost of $4.40 per credit hour. 


CheckPoint Learning Tax Network, $99.00

Pay now

Please return completed application for your setup into the Checkpoint Learning Tax Network system after payment to Arizona Society of Enrolled Agents:
Diana Noyes, c/o Noiseacct Services, LLC, [email protected]

2021 Checkpoint Learning Application